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I act both on stage and screen. I am also available for voice over acting and hosting. Please see my resumé for the details of my experience and skills. Also open for commercial work!

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I am making my first big feature film that I am starring in. It takes place in the country of Georgia.

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After we wrap on This Is Not Georgia, we are going right into the next one. 

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Squash the Taboo

I am one of the very few actors who is openly schizophrenic. My break out feature, This Is Not Georgia, is designed to bring light to something that is not talked about enough- mental illness. 

There are not a lot of schizophrenic actors in the game, largely because acting is a business of bridge building and often the self-sabotaging delusions that are associated with schizophrenia cause bridge burning.  There is also a lot of psychological warfare in the field of acting and typically that kind of environment doesn’t bode well for the every day schizophrenic. There are however many actors with bipolar disorder, depression and various other psychological disorders which proves that mental illness does not mean you can not succeed. 

Schizophrenia is essentially a cognitive scenario where your brain is unable to process logic. This is how someone can be incredibly smart but because of their behavior they are perceived as someone who is not. You are almost always an underdog trying to prove your worth. . 

It’s truly a fascinating dilemma. There is a lot to explore creatively with this concept, which I hope to do in my work.

While not all of my films in the pipeline have to do with mental illness, my main goal is to encourage an open conversation to help lift people up who might be in a difficult situation. There are a lot of advantages to thinking this way, especially when it comes to writing. I think it’s a blessing, not a curse, and I’d like other people to feel that way too.

Be able to influence the quality of doctors poor people have access to .

Unfortunately, not every doctor is a winner. Some truly care for their patients, however, there are those that are in it only for the vanity and prestige. The way the American medical system currently works often the people who need the best care get the worst. There are many charlatans and unqualified people administering medicines to low income families. It’s awful. I’d like to stop this one day. These people need quality care so that they can lift themselves up from poverty and make something of their lives and leave the next generation better off than the last.

Spread wisdom and knowledge to those who need it.

Over the 28 years I’ve been alive I have spent more time with doctors and trying to figure out what was wrong with me then hours I have slept. I’d like to make it a little easier for people who are trying to figure out what’s going on with them, I want them to benefit from my experiences as I share them with the world.

Save lives

It is believed that 10% of schizophrenics end their lives and that 30-50% are homeless.  If my work saves even 1% or 2% of them I have done my job.

I don’t care about money. I don’t care about fame. I don’t care about my image. A lot of actors don’t talk about these things. 

I executive produce my own projects because I just want to save lives, because for some reason God saved mine, and I can do that best when I have complete control and my singular voice is speaking on the issue. 

Give Back

As of late I have been so unbelievably blessed. I’ve been given a second chance at life. In my younger years at times I’ve been a real jerk to some people. Looking back on some things I had done I am truly sorry. I had no idea what was wrong with me and if I knew what I know about myself now things would have been a lot different. I would like all the work that I do to put out as much positive love and inspiration into the world as possible.

Start a foundation for eccentric learners.

Too often the American public education system takes a student with an un-classifiable level of intelligence and labels them as defective or inefficient when they don’t understand the way someone thinks. I would like to create a foundation one day to help give those kids a chance to prove how intelligent they really are. There are kids who are brilliant that are indoctrinated into believing they are not just because they go about life with a different way of thinking. It’s truly a tragedy. This effects their confidence and will haunt them for their entire life.

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